Thursday, May 22, 2008

Card Credit Instant Prepaid - Who Can Benefit From Prepaid Cards?

Hello everyone,

Today I want to follow on from my last post entitled "Card Credit Instant Prepaid -What You Need to Know - Part Two". The focus here will be on "WHO" can benefit the most from Prepaid Cards?

Well, I think that virtually everyone can benefit from prepaid cards but in particular:

* Individuals who have less than perfect credit or do not qualify for a bank account.
* A person who does not want to carry too much cash.
* Backpackers and Seasonal workers.
* An individual who does not wish to pay credit card interest charges.
* Parents who want to give their children secure and limited spending capabilities.
* Cardholders who would like to budget their finances.
* Overseas Travellers as a substitute for travellers cheques.
* Employees who wish to disperse funds onto these cards,
decreasing payroll distribution costs, simplifying bank reconciliation,
reducing fraud and eliminating lost cheque cancellation and replacement.
* Low-cost money transfers It’s simple to add an additional card which may be sent to relatives or friends within your own country or overseas.

So, really, so many individuals could benefit from prepaid cards that we could be here all day discussing the possibilities!

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